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February 21st, 2008

03:49 pm

Funny - I posted in a rather negative furum as I was amazed at a person's attitude toward a person she encountered in her job - and was blasted for being a troll, having a stick in ass, and being a pollyanna.  I'm still wondering how a single person can be all three.

I understand the forum was a place to vent - but that one situation in the post was just soooo negative, I felt the need to post. my true feelings about the OP.   I got slammed, I posted a few responses, and then wondered why I had bothered?  I would never change anyone's attitude, and why should I be part of the negativity?  I have enough stress in my life.  So I left  the community and felt better just for doing it.

Maybe I am a Pollyanna - having left the forum rather than ducking it out with the others - but what's wrong with that?  Having a positive attitude and feeling good about myself?  Or being cynical and tearing other people down?

Perhaps I was a troll, stick up my ass bitch in the post - as I posted my true feelings about the OP's attitude.   I don't think that's a bad thing, to tell your opinion and stick to your convictions.

Anyway, I'm out of there, I'm sure they won't miss me, nor I shall miss them.

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April 27th, 2007

02:35 pm - I'm back, somewhat

On to my life's next adventure, Grad School.

During orientation day, we were highly encouraged to blog our experiences.  Blah.  I had given up on blogging, fanfic and my previous life in said world.  

I remembered I had quiddit at live journal, so here I am, blowing off the dust.  

Wondering if I should revive this or start anew?


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November 30th, 2004

02:51 pm
I use this journal primarily to read and comment in other journals. So friend me if you want but I have to warn you, I never post here.

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